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ParticipateDB, the digital engagement catalogue

Einen englischsprachigen Katalog mit Tools für online-Beteiligung aus mehr als 40 Ländern hat das Center for Applied Community Engagement aus San José, Calif. (USA) zusammen gestellt.

ParticipateDB is a collaborative catalogue for digital engagement tools (often referred to as tools for online community engagement, web-based engagement, online participation, e-participation, e-consultation, online dialogue, online deliberation etc.).
The site offers a comprehensive directory that enables people to easily share, discover, explore and compare the tools available today and learn about how they can best be applied.
ParticipateDB was launched in September of 2009 and currently contains 373 tools, 311 projects and 270 references, joined by a total of 1042 associations. The site is maintained by 105 contributors.

Hier geht es zu ParticipateDB: