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OECD-Konsultation zu Open Government

Die OECD möchte eine Empfehlung zur Open-Government-Strategie für ihre Mitgliedsländer erarbeiten und hat dazu eine – englischsprachige – Online-Konsultation gestartet. Noch bis zum 10. September 2017 kann man sich beteiligen.

For more than a decade, the OECD has been at the forefront of an evidence-based analysis of open government strategies and initiatives across the world. Countries are increasingly acknowledging the role of open government principles as a catalyst for public governance, democracy and inclusive growth. Open government practices are changing the relationship between public officials and citizens in many countries, making it more dynamic, mutually beneficial and based on greater reciprocal trust.
Building on its existing work, in particular the Report on „Open Government: The Global Context and the Way Forward“, the OECD is now developing a new OECD Recommendation on Open Government, which aims to help the countries that will adhere to it, to design and implement successful open government reforms by identifying a clear, actionable, evidence-based, and common framework for the governance of open government.

Hier geht es zur online-Konsultation: