Magna Charta for an International League of Democracy Cities

Beim Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in Rom wurde im September 2018 eine „Magna Charta for an International League of Democracy Cities“ entworfen. Die Charta soll jetzt diskutiert werden.

Is your city a democratic city?
Citizens confront a paradox. The challenges of the world are big, complicated and global. But citizens don’t live in the world; they live in cities and towns, and it is at this local level that we can make the greatest impact on democracy.
How to bridge the gap between global challenges and local democratic power?
By linking cities all over the world to address global challenges through local democracy. Democracy itself – and the pressures it faces in so many nations – is once such global challenge requiring coordinated local responses. And to work together democratically, cities themselves must be more democratic and more participatory, so their people have more power. We are already seeing effects to democratize our local democracies.
Local governments all over the world have taken the lead in protecting and expanding democratic practice and culture – they are committed to involving their citizens at every step of the decision-making process. Such local governments are democracy cities, because they are committed to ever greater democracy. We want to expand and formalize democratic links between democracy cities by launching the International League of Democratic Cities.
The driving forces behind this league are the cities of Rome, Seoul and Taichung. This network will create an infrastructure for comparing and identifying the most fruitful approaches to participation and democracy in civic life.
A first step was taken in Rome at the 2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, where cities and democracy advocates discussed and drafted a Magna Charta for democratic cities, a historic document detailing best practices and commitments for more local, direct and participatory democracy.
But the process has only just begun. We want cities all over the world to join this process of drafting and creating the International League. Joining the network will be a powerful signal of a city’s commitment to democratic participation.
What can you do?
Call on your city to consider the Magna Charta, make suggestions for it, and commit to signing the document and joining the International League of Democracy Cities. Call, write or tweet to your representatives to get their attention. We have provided some ideas for you here.
Let your city know what they do right and what you would change: Tweet or Instagram what you would like to see change or what you would like to see more of and add #Cities4Citizens.
Organise your own Citizen Council in your city – invite your friends and family to discuss how you can make your city more democratic. Let us know about your results, share them with your representatives and tweet about it under #Cities4Citizens.
If you wish to sign the Magna Charta, contact us at
When your city or town is ready to join the International League, please contact the Global Forum Consortium at

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