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Finnish citizens’ panel on sustainable development

Mit Fragen der nachhaltigen Entwicklung haben sich Anfang 2019 in Finnland 500 Bürgerinnen und Bürger beim „first citizens’ panel on sustainable development“ beschäftigt. Die von ihnen im Rahmen eines Online-Fragebogens erarbeiteten Vorschläge richten sich an die finnische Regierung und das Parlament.

The citizens’ panel organised in the beginning of 2019 was the first of its kind. Each panel member answered an online questionnaire on the state of sustainable development. The process included an opening event and a closing event where the results were published. The citizens’ panel will continue as an ongoing process so that the National Commission on Sustainable Development receives information on what the citizens think about the state of sustainable development in Finland. New members may be included in the panel on an annual basis.
The questionnaire was based on the sustainable development indicators managed by the Prime Minister’s Office, expert analyses on these, and citizens’ dialogues. The indicator data has been divided into monitoring baskets designed in cooperation between scientists and experts. (…) The topics of the monitoring baskets include the state of the natural and other environments, social inequality, and housing and communities.

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