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Young Citizens Democracy Ambassadors Programme

In Großbritannien können sich Jugendliche zwischen 13 und 16 Jahren zu „Democracy Ambassadors“ ausbilden lassen. In einem vom Cabinet Office finanzierten Programm sollen bis zu 1.000 Jugendliche lernen, mit ihren Freunden über Demokratie zu sprechen. Ziel ist, bis Ende März 2019 100.000 junge Leute zu erreichen.

Understanding and engaging with democratic processes is a crucial part of a young person’s transition to adulthood. Understanding their place in society and their rights as a citizen, feeling able to contribute to discussions about how their community is run, exercising their right to register to vote and go on to vote, and feeling that they CAN make a difference are all important parts of becoming an adult.
That’s why we’ve launched the Young Citizens Democracy Ambassadors Programme, aimed at recruiting, training and supporting 13-16 year olds to talk to their friends about democracy in a way that makes sense to them – in places that are familiar and comfortable – so that talking democracy becomes a natural part of growing up.
We hope to recruit and support 1,000 young people aged 13-16, through their youth leaders, to talk to their peers about democracy, with the aim of reaching 100,000 young people by the end of March 2019.
How Does The Programme Work?
– Young people (Democracy Ambassadors) receive an initial training session lasting around 2 hours during which they learn a bit more about democracy, and interesting ways in which to share what they have learnt.
– Group leaders follow this up by facilitating some peer to peer activity: such as running a session for the rest of the group, or creating and sharing a short video or quiz with peers online.
– Young Citizens will release additional resources during the months that follow, to help keep you and your Ambassadors engaged and interested, including ideas as to how they might adapt and share the messaging contained.
What Support Will I Have?
– Young Citizens will provide start up activities and an outline session lasting around 2 hours for you to deliver to your young people, followed by additional resources on topical themes (released each month) to help keep up interest and momentum.
– Young Citizens will also contribute to project costs by paying up to £40* towards the support of each Democracy Ambassador, payable on receipt of appropriate monitoring information.
There are also incentives for the young people to stay involved, including rewards for reaching a minimum number of their peers and the chance to enter into a monthly competition to create and share their original material.

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