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Digital tools for participation

Eine umfangreiche Zusammenstellung von digitalen Werkzeugen rund um Beteiligung bietet ein englischsprachiger Blogbeitrag der Involve Foundation.

With social distancing measures likely to be around for some time and with challenging questions and decisions in front of us, there has never been a greater need for high-quality digital Engagement.
The web is filled with tools to enable participation, collaboration and discussion, but it can be difficult to know where to start. This blog post aims to give you a few pointers to help get you started. It’s based on a combination of our own experience, discussion with other practitioners and knowledge of good engagement principles and practice. It covers:
1. Where to start;
2. Synchronous (same time) vs. asynchronous (different times) participation;
3. The different uses of digital Tools;
4. Digital tools database;
5. Other resources.

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