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The Future of Self- Governing, Thriving Democracies

Einen neuen Ansatz für die Zukunft der Demokratie, die Bürgern die Macht gibt, zu beraten und zu entscheiden, wie sie sich selbst regieren wollen, präsentiert Brigitte Geissel in einer englischsprachigen Studie.

Innovatively building on and integrating components of representative, deliberative and participatory theories of democracy with empirical findings, the book provides practices and procedures that support communities of all sizes to develop their own visions of democracy. It revitalizes and reinfuses the ‘democratic spirit’ going back to the roots of democracy as an endeavor by, with and for the people, and should inspire us in our search for the democracy we want to live in.
This book is of key interest to scholars and students in democracy, democratic innovations, deliberation, civic education and governance and further for policy- makers, civil society groups and activists. It encourages us to reshape democracy based on citizens’ perspectives, aspirations and preferences.

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