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Rebooting Democracy: A Citizen’s Guide to Reinventing Politics

Fünf Vorschläge, um die Demokratie neu zu erfinden, macht Manuel Arriaga in einer englischsprachigen Veröffentlichung aus dem Jahr 2014.

Our democracies are failing us. From Occupy Wall Street to the riots in São Paulo, millions have taken to the streets to voice their frustration. But is there anything we can do about it? Rebooting Democracy: A Citizen’s Guide to Reinventing Politics takes readers on a global journey in search of solutions. From Vancouver to Saint Petersburg, from France to Australia, we discover that there are sensible ways to reform our democracies. As we travel the globe and zoom in on these real-world democratic breakthroughs, we also pick up insights from the social sciences—from key ideas in political science, sociology and economics to the latest research in social and cognitive psychology—that clarify why elected politicians will always fail to represent us. In a concise and engaging way, this book invites readers to explore five concrete, innovative ideas that will change the way we do politics.

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